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Updated March 23 2003


1121 Stonehaven Ave. Broomfield CO. 80020
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My objective is to use my artistic and Computer Graphics Designer skills to create a pleasing and effective piece of art that conveys an idea, represents and enhances the value of a product and compels people to action.

In the Computer Graphics field; I have Excellent skills with the: Flat bed scanner, Digital Camera, Corel Draw, Photo-Paint, Quark, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Tango, Illustrator. U-Lead iPhoto Plus 4.0, Studio 400 for video editing, Mannequin, Mentor-V8. WordPerfect, Presently learning Flash and the marketing aspects in the Web.
In the Traditional 2-D Media field; I paint with: Pastels, Charcoal, Acrylics, and Water Color.
In the Traditional 3-D and Semi- 3D Media field; I Sculpt with Clay and Wire, I Carve on Plaster, and I Make Molds with plaster.
In the Ecological field; I Convert Trash into Art.
In the non traditional field; I invented the Renewable Designs which consist of pieces of different materials, with different: colors, sizes and shapes. Those pieces are placed on a panel in an organized and artistic way. They can be changed and rearranged as many times as you want.
Also I combine my Traditional , Computer, Ecological and Renewable Artistic abilities and come up with an even newer and different piece of art or application.

Computer Graphics:
For examples of my Computer Graphics work, click on the application of your interest as follows:
 Logos: Click HERE and then select LOGOS
 Stationery: Click HERE  and then select STATIONERY 
 Cards: Click HERE and then select CARDS
 Brochures: Click HERE and then select BROCHURES  
 Packaging: Click HERE and then select PACKAGING  
 Computer Painting: ClickHERE and then select COMPUTER-PAINTINGS 
 Wall Paper: ClickHERE and then select WALLPAPER
 T-shirts: Click HERE and then select T-SHIRTS
 Photo Retouch: Click HERE and then select PHOTO-RETOUCH
 Products: Click HERE and then select PRODUCTS 
 Illustrations: Click HERE and then select ILLUSTRATIONS 
 Animations: Click HERE and then select ANIMATIONS 
 Maps: Click  HERE and then select MAPS

Internet  For examples of my Web Pages experience
Click HERE and then on WEB-PAGES

Paintings  For examples of my Paintings
 Click HERE and then on FIGURE-DRAWINGS 
 Click HERE and then on PAINTINGS-GENERAL 

Sculptures  I use Raku, Bisque and Galze firing techniques. For examples of my Sculptures
 Click on:   HERE and then on SCULPTURES-3D
 Click on  HERE and then on SEMI-3D 

Renewable Designs   For examples of my Renewable Designs:
 Click on   HERE and then on MURALS
 Click on   HERE and then on SMALLER-DESIGNS

Art-from-Trash  For examples of my Art from Trash Click HERE and you will see several examples of my art made from different types of trash as follows:
  Frozen Juice Container Lids
  Popsicle Sticks
  Aluminum Foil

I have several inventions such as:
Eye Glasses Holder
Automatic Mileage Recorder
Eye Exerciser
Wireless Evaporator cooler/Air humidifier
Heat Sink with out hardware mounted directly on printed circuit card.

I am a perpetual Student of Computer Graphics technology.
I have more than 30 years of experience as an Electronics Engineer.
I talked Physics and Mathematics in High School.
I an inventor.
I am fluent in Spanish.

I have several "Best of the Art Show" awards,
I was presented on the face page of the "Front page of the FRCC newspaper",
I exhibited at the Home and Garden Show,
I was invited several times to become a member of the Kappa Delta Pi. Organization.

I will provide them when you request them.