Since the Push-Pull Eyeglasses Holder is such an easy to use device the questions are reduced to a minimum. The most common are:

Q:      Who can use the Push-Pull Eye Glasses Holder?

A:      Any eye glasses users such as: sports people, bykers, skiers, sunbathers, car riders, golfers, Grandma, Grandpa, outdoors people, bicyclist, motocycle riders, readers, computer users, men, women, kids, occupational workers, travelers, draftsman, drivers, pilotes, construction workers, industrial workers, inspectors, artists, older people, athletic people, people with sensitive eyes, and anybody who wears any other type of accessories such as holders, cords, straps, retainers, etc.

Q:      What kind of glasses can be used with the Push-Pull Eye Glasses Holder?

A:      The Push-Pull Eye Glasses Holder is an accessory that can be used with all type of glasses such as: reading glasses, goggles, sun glasses, safety glasses, etc.

Q:     How can I remember to attach my glasses to my Push-Pull Eyeglasses Holder?

A:     It is natural for this to happen as we are all "Creatures of Habit", but thanks to research we have found that we can create a new habit within 21 days. If you focus on placing your glasses on your Push-Pull Eyeglasses Holder for 21 days, and you do it, then you develop the habit, you will do it automatically.
In order to help you develop the habit, I suggest that at the beginning, you attach your glasses to string or a traditional eye ware retainer so that if you forget to place your glasses on the Push-Pull Eyeglasses Holder, they are still with you, and when you realize that, you will place them there. After you can see that you have developed the habit, remove the retainer from your glasses.

Q:     The strip is too long

A:     If your strip is too long cut it to the length that is convenient to you.

Q:     Can I attach my Push-Pull Eyeglasses Holder to a button on my shirt?

A:     Yes indeed: Your Push-Pull Eyeglasses Holder has two button holes. Use the one that is most convenient for you. Also if you need a larger button hole, use scissors to enlarge the one that best serves you.

Q:      Can I have other uses for my Eye Glasses Holder?

A:      Yes. I also use it to keep my keys handy. I am sure there will be more uses for it.


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